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Margot Riach

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Margot's passion is marketing and New Zealand wool. As owner of The Wool Company, Margot has combined these passions into a multi channel retail business, with a focus on marketing and customer service. Margot has many years experience in the wool industry with her parents Janet & Gordon having operated the business as a wool buying operation for 50 years prior to the sale of this division of the business 3 years ago.

Margot was born and educated in New Zealand gaining a Bachelor of Business studies Degree majoring in Marketing obtained from Massey University. Margot then embarked on her OE and returned in the early 90�s in search of a Marketing job. There were none to be had, so Margot set about growing the retail arm of the wool buying business, as well as taking over the marketing of the wool buying business.

Margot has steadily grown the retail business over the past years 20 years. The best piece of advise she was ever given was - to survive you need to make your growth manageable. Margot made it manageable and put to use both her marketing and accounting skills to take The Wool Company to the world.

Initially The Wool Company sold yarn overruns from mills to local knitters, and sent out a mail order catalogue to 500 customers, and by 1996 also had an online shopping site. Margot now manages a database of over 35,000 customers worldwide and designs and manufactures a own range of knitwear and light weight merino tops, which sit alongside other New Zealand made garments.

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