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Diane Craig, President of Corporate Class Inc., is a leading image and etiquette consultant. For over 20 years she has provided corporate consultations, helping hundreds of men and women realize their professional and personal goals. She is a sought after speaker at national business meetings, regularly gives comprehensive workshops to corporate groups, and offers private consultations on business etiquette, dress and dining.

Diane Craig has extensive personal experience with financial institutions and the pharmaceutical industry. She has traveled widely, is fluently bilingual, and is always poised and elegant. Her enduring expertise began with her training in Haute Couture at the Richard Robinson Academy of Fashion Design from 1981-1984, her certificate program at the Protocol School of Washington in 1995 and, more recently, her certificates in Intercultural studies from UBC and the University of the Pacific in Oregon.

Business Communication Etiquette: For more than 15 years, Diane Craig has been developing corporate materials to train emerging and seasoned leaders. She focuses on interpersonal business skills for working a room, hosting clients, performing effectively at meetings and handling techno communications. Successful organizations call upon her to enhance the image and decorum of their staff, thereby raising their level of confidence and increasing client loyalty. Diane Craig is one of Canadian Management Centre's faculty members and on LifeSpeak's national roster of speakers.

Executive Dining and Hosting: Diane Craig produced, wrote and directed a comprehensive Executive Dining Etiquette CD which was launched in 2003 and shows, with real mealtime participants, the dos and don'ts of dining and hosting. Her practical hands-on dining workshops, both entertaining and interactive, have also been highly rated by corporate groups.

Dress and Wardrobe: Although Corporate Class Inc. currently focuses on corporate seminars, individuals still seek Diane's personal consultation. Her expert approach to dress and style is derived from her extensive experience as a couturier and instructor. At haute couture venues in Toronto or on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, there is little a tailor or seamstress can add to Diane's insight into her client's needs. Indeed, she routinely marks and pins the alterations herself.

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