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James Sale

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James informs, motivates and entertains audiences. Always his primary intention is to get people to move to their next level of performance and achievement. James is that rare commodity - a serious speaker who engages the audience at their level, empowers them to see themselves as even more capable, and provides the kind of ideas and insights that are career transformative and life changing. This is all done with an engaging wit and humour that is irresistible.

James writes fluently, powerfully and with massive conviction on a raft of topics: motivation and management, politics and spirituality, literature and poetry. His style is unique, provocative and accessible. When you read James Sale's prose, you become immediately aware of following the subtle workings of his mind: he details the real logic of an argument and the de-bunking of conventional wisdom. James' books, blogs and articles provide an antidote and alternative to the bland follow-the-crowd philosophies repeating the same old mantras available stuff, that is generally out there.

James is the creator of Motivational Maps, Motivational Maps Education and Motivational Maps Youth - three amazing diagnostic tools that describe and measure motivation. These allow consultants to seriously help their clients improve their performance. James is creative and innovative in his approach. His products have an usual combination of characteristics, including depth of analysis and elegant symmetries, yet ease of use and simplicity to understand. The products are used internationally and more are on their way.

James' core company, Motivational Maps Ltd, looks for quality consultants and coaches to license with Motivational Maps technology. This product accelerates the business growth of licensees. Consultants and coaches looking to develop a unique selling proposition in their business, looking for real support in their personal development, looking for exciting, challenging, new and cutting edge ideas on performance and motivation need look no further than James Sale and Motivational Maps.

James has over twenty five years experience, knowledge and research into developing teams and people. Couple that with his astonishing insights and innovation, and you have a potent formula for really bringing out the best in your people. Using Motivational Maps and other powerful, compelling and proprietary tools that he has developed, James can understand exactly what the problems in a team or person are without even meeting them! And with his Reward Strategies tool kit he can recommend exactly the right solution towards superior performance and productivity.

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If we consider organisations and how they prosper, what three things have we learnt over the years? First, that people are not the most important asset in organisations. That's right, they're not.

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