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Beca Lewis

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As an author, consultant, and speaker, Beca Lewis is dedicated to bringing Universal Spiritual Principles and Laws into clear focus.

Her mission is to provide ways and means to shift material limited perceptions to an infinite Spiritual Perception.

Because, our lives are a projection of our thoughts and beliefs, which are governed by our perceptions, and it is our perceptions that determine what we experience, this shift adjusts lives with practical and tangible results.

Beca teaches how to do this in her system called The Shift®. More about this system can be found at The

She is the author of numerous Ecourses, articles, and books including A Woman's ABC's of Life: Lessons in Love, Life and Career from Those Who Learned The Hard Way. Her book Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception outlines her complete system of The Shift®. Her latest book is The Four Essential Questions: Choosing Spiritually Healthy Habits.

In addition, Beca writes The Shift To Spiritual Perception Ezine and additional articles for numerous newspapers and websites. She has also written a series of children's fables and which will be released in 2011.

All her books can be found at

Beca and her husband, Del Piper, are constantly working to develop new ways to reach out and support others in their life paths, and awakenings.

Much of what they have been developed can be accessed at The Shift® Community Membership site

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