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Ronit Rogoszinski

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As an accredited CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, Ronit Rogoszinski believes scoring a winning run or beating the market is a dream we all share, yet, the life we envision for ourselves ultimately comes form a series of consistent, diligent and prudent choices we makes along the way. A solid investment strategy with ongoing guidance can help you make that a reality.

Demystifying the world of investments has long been our focus for over 20 years when working with pre-retirees and single women of all ages. Whether left alone to manage a household budget due to a death, divorce or another life changing event, helping these individuals regain composure, self-assurance and real world knowledge on how to manage their finance, is the reason we look forward to work each and every day.

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As Americans we have somehow started to regard death as a condition that is curable. Instead of educating ourselves on the options we have to die peacefully at home with our dignity intact, we regard

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