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Allen Willette

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As a Tennis Elbow Tutor, a large part of my role is one of myth-buster and teacher of the basic principles of tendon healing.

I've had a passionate interest in the dilemma of Tennis Elbow and Tendonitis ever since I suffered though a year-long episode over 20 years ago, in which the common wisdom and standard treatments were not only utterly useless, but certainly delayed my recovery.

Now I do my best to help people avoid that misery - (what I call "The Triple Trap") including harmful drugs, surgery and wasted time, money and effort - and to recover naturally by supporting their own healing process.

I have a physical Neuromuscular Therapy practice in California, called Body In Balance, where I help people in person - and a self-help video site, called Tennis Elbow Classroom, where I do virtual tutoring.

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Treatment for Tennis Elbow usually includes treating inflammation, as if it caused the problem - But this is a medical myth. Learn why "fighting" inflammation is not a sensible treatment approach if

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Tennis Elbow Treatment: Should you wear some kind of support, such as a brace, splint, wrap or strap to treat your Tennis Elbow? In most cases, NO - You shouldn't, actually! Not if your goal is to

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