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Manu Kalia

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Member since: Apr 21, 2012

Manu Kalia

Physical Therapist, Clinical Ayurveda Herbalist, Exercise Science Specialist

- Founder of Tridosha Wellness Products

-  Formulator of TriSport Herbal Formulas "your natural fitness and holistic medicine solution"

-  Pain and injury recovery expert

-  Natural Fitness and Wellness Specialist

Download my free eBook on the "Top 5 Herbs for Fitness".

I wrote this book for my patients, family and friends who didn't know much about herbs and were looking for natural solutions for be fit, energetic, strong and healthy. Their most common concern and complaints were:

-- what can I take to feel strong, energetic, fit...

-- do herbs have side-effects and are they safe to take...

-- where can I get more info on these herbs...

This has really helped a lot people so I am offering this eBook for free on my site. I am happy to answer any questions you have about natural fitness solutions.

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Ayurvedic (East Indian holistic medical system) perspective on joint pain relief using natural solutions. Ayurveda treats musculo-skeletal problems holistically, taking into account the whole

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