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Joanne Bellew is the Australian author of the Karma Sunset book series and the book, My Happy Temple. She writes to encourage teenagers, young adults, and adults to create a bright and successful future for themselves by encouraging them to listen to their inner voice combined with the use of common sense. She also encourages the use of universal laws; the law of karma and the law of attraction. The law of karma states that 'what goes around comes around' and the law of attraction states that 'whatever a person chooses to focus on will become their reality'. These two laws bring very powerful messages which, when respected, will encourage teenagers, young adults and adults to consider the consequences of their actions and to focus on the positive elements and moments in their life. Happies lies within us to be tapped into and cherished as a tool to lead us to our true potential. When we find and use our true potential, we live a life of abundant joy, contentment and happiness.

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