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Steven J Nicholls

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Member since: Apr 21, 2012

Steve is a top UK based Career Coach, with experience of helping professionals gain clarity in their career goals.

He is an author, trainer, and mentor. Steve combines a keen knowledge of career transition with a friendly, pragmatic approach, as his Linked In recommendations bear out.

Steve offers a Free consultation to anyone who might be considering a career change, or who seeks clarity in their current career planning.

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  Career Coach Steve Nicholls interviews his client Jenna, a HR professional who recently made a transition into a new HR role. There are some learning points here for anyone looking to find a new

Business > Career Advice l 2 years ago

  Job interviews are tough, we all know that. Whether it's to make ends meet with thankless, unenviable tasks or the position you have been competing for since you could remember, there is something

Business > Career Advice l 2 years ago

Prepared for that upcoming job interview? Suit pressed, shoes shined, answers rehearsed? While I am a massive advocate of properly rehearsing the answers to potential interview questions (there

Business > Career Advice l 2 years ago

We live in a flexible world. One on which social media and improved technology has made keeping in touch faster and easier than ever before...and it's not over yet! So has all of this progress

Business > Career Advice l 2 years ago

At a job interview, be yourself, adapt, and show your human side. It can make the difference!

Business > Career Advice l 2 years ago

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