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I am an American writer based in China, where I have lived on and off for the past 17 years. Formerly a teacher of literature, Shakespeare, the history of the English language, linguistics, pragmatics, critical discourse analysis, semiotics and critical theory, I finally came back full circle to my true love and vocation: literature. But instead of teaching it, I have decided I can do a better job at creating it and am henceforth devoting my career to the novel (literary, speculative, satirical, dystopian) and the essay. While I cultivate originality, Ballard, Beckett, Borges, Dick, Kafka, Hesse, Melville, Mishima and Sade are influences.

My website "Isham Cook: Literary disruptions from an American in China" is a literary blogsite with distinctive and provocative essays mainly about China (and therefore about the future) but also about culture, literature, music, sex, etc. Latest essays include:

"A modest proposal regarding sex work" - a satirical piece on why all sex should be paid for

"A Shakespeare sex-and-violence starter kit" - the real reason Shakespeare's audience was susceptible to a belief in ghosts (it's not the supernatural)

"On harpsichords and multicolored pianos: The challenge of music in China" - the problem with the Chinese pianist Lang Lang and others like him

"Theatrics of Japanese Noh, Kabuki, and the mixed-bathing Onsen" - what Japanese theater and nude mix-bathing hot springs have in common

"The Chinese-Japanese cultural chasm on display at Starbucks" - why Starbucks is a perfect venue for cross-cultural observation

"From struggle sessions to public dressing-downs: China's continuity of psychological control" - how China keeps all of its workers in line, including white-collar workers and professionals

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The Elizabethans' greater susceptibility to suggestion and superstition was not a function of their spiritual understanding of the universe but rather of their generally higher level of daily

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