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Jaky M Astik

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Jaky Astik is passionate about helping you improve your life using simple life lessons and personal development plans. Help yourself by asking him a question, downloading one of his free eBook or simply subscribing to his weekly " Be Awesome" newsletter!

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One of my newsletter subscribers asked me this question - Do attractions define our feelings or feelings define our attractions? What you feel is a vibrational reception of what is manifesting. So,

Self Improvement> Attraction l 2 years ago

My story begins with taking up a course in accountancy. I was interested in art and design but due to some incredible ideas and reading, I took up accounting. After months of doing nothing, failures

Self Improvement> Time Management l 2 years ago

No matter how much money you are earning or how hippy songs you sing on the stage in rock concerts, if you are not accompanied by people you love you are wasting the gains of your profession. But,

Self Improvement> Time Management l 2 years ago

The key to happiness though is a simple 4 step process. When you are happy, you have two options. Either follow these step or simply get hold of something negative and fall in the hands of enmity

Self Improvement> Happiness l 2 years ago

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