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Saima Ashraf Qureshi

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Coming from a literary family, words flow into my blood and I find myself fitted in the world of words and I believe every world is the world of words. Thus, I am fit in every world which matters with words.

I am a Content Writer, Blog Writer, SEO, Article Writer, and Creative Writer. I have written for local website that is I am a regular Content Writer on oDesk. I also write on elance.

The topics on which I have written are Traveling, Culture, animals, Politics, Sociology, Business, History, Real Estate, Sports, Cuisine and many more. That is exactly what Freelance writing means. Agreed? Recently I am working on my own website that is

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Fleas on the dogs suck the blood of dogs and cause anemia in them. They can be prevented at home by cleaning the home and combing the dog regularly.

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