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Sarah J Preston

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My name is Sarah Preston and I'm an actor and writer, however my other passion is dogs and particular my boxer, Oscar, and I am the founder and owner of 'Oscar's Organics Dog Treats'.

We make and sell fresh, handmade, organic, healthy dog treats and our website is a central place where dog owners can come to get honest, impartial advice on all aspects of how to 'Treat Your Dog The Healthy And Natural Way'.

After years of searching for alternative treatments and answers to help Oscar through certain health issues, I discovered that it all began with his diet... After changing him to a raw food diet his health and well-being improved in so many ways...

I would like to bring all that I have learnt in the last 10 years of researching to my site and my articles in the hope that you find some of the answers you may be looking for - from which dog food and supplements, to ideas about training and rehabilitation.

To your dog's health!

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