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Ben D Anderson

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I am a husband and father of three beautiful children who bring me more joy and strength than I could ever repay. I am also a U.S. Military veteran. Through my life I have experienced, like most of us have, many "ups and downs". Sometimes the extremes of the downs seemed to outweigh the short-lived highs. That was true, at least, until I discovered and finally understood the law of attraction. Since then I have learned how to apply the techniques which have truly blessed my life with everything I once only dreamed of. From money, love, peace of mind, and time to spare, I can now honestly say "I am happy". My mission in life now is to give this feeling to all who seek it. To provide the information that truly changes lives. Because happiness is something we all DESERVE.

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Modern-day miracles not only exist, they are everywhere around us. All you have to do is open your eyes to start seeing them. With a little training, I bet you'd be able to spot a few miracles in

Self Improvement> Inspirational l 2 years ago

Treasure mapping is a great self-discovery tool as well as a very powerful law of attraction technique. It serves as a road-map to your success, and will help guide you along your journey to becoming

Self Improvement> Techniques l 2 years ago

Positive affirmations are exceptional tools for guiding our minds and shaping our world as we see fit. By incorporating a few principles of the law of attraction we can use these powerful techniques

Self Improvement> Affirmations l 2 years ago

You have a money magnet inside of your mind. With a little practice you can turn your every dream into a reality by learning how to use it! Imagine a world of limitless possibilities.

Self Improvement> Attraction l 2 years ago

Prosperity affirmations are great tools for creating wealth when you may not have much wealth yet. Everyone wants more money. And trying to change the way you think about money can be difficult,

Self Improvement> Affirmations l 2 years ago

If you want to change your life immediately then you need to start using a gratitude journal NOW. It takes only ten minutes a day to use and is free to use. The power of this law of attraction

Self Improvement> Positive Attitude l 2 years ago

To manifest money is to manifest your desires. When you realize just how simple the process really is, it is like holding the energy of life itself, in the palm of your hand.

Self Improvement> Attraction l 2 years ago

The power of gratitude is one of the core principles of the law of attraction. It is the grail which holds the elixir of life and multiplies your every desire. Pour your love into it and you will

Self Improvement> Happiness l 2 years ago

The power of the mind is the power of choice. By choosing the thoughts we focus on, we direct our feelings. This is how we become creators of our "moods" and the architects of our fate. Find your

Self Improvement> Attraction l 2 years ago

The only law of attraction certification program you will ever need is your own belief in YOURSELF. When you have achieved this in your life, you won't need another persons brand, logo, award,

Self Improvement> Attraction l 2 years ago

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