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Stacy Q Brooks

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Stacy Quinn Brooks, and his wife, Lynn worked for a total of seventeen years for a top Credit Card Processor. They have extensive, insider knowledge and understanding about this often confusing and risky industry.

Both Stacy and Lynn were bothered by the troubles and difficulties that merchants face when they process card payments and have a merchant account. It also troubled them that the actual Processing company was often the source of those difficulties.

They started Boss Payments in March of 2012 as a way to offer merchants something they typically did not have access to: Sound, caring advice and guidance for merchants who want to escape the usual "rat race" of the Processing world.

They also partnered with only one processor, Merchant Warehouse, which they believe is a top-notch option for those merchants who look to them for some help and direction.

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The world of Credit Card Processing and having a merchant account can be risky and confusing. Pricing structure and fees are often bewildering, and may be higher than what is fair and reasonable. How

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