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Rhodri Jones

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Rhodri Jones is a former professional rugby player of over 15 years, representing Neath, Swansea, Newport Gwent Dragons, Llanelli Scarlets, Wales and Barbarians.

He has also achieved a B ED Hons Degree in Physical Education, and is an MA Graduate in Sports, Culture and Society.

His interest in Self Improvement began some 20 years ago when starting out on his professional rugby career. He's read 100's of books on this subject and received coaching and instruction from many top sports psychologists, and motivational coaches.

Over those years he's dedicated endless hours of study and research to the area of personal growth and self improvement. Years of study combined with his experiences, triumphs and disappointments as a professional sport, he felt impelled to pass on his knowledge in helping others achieve a more happy, successful and fulfilling life- hence the birth of their (along with his brother and Co-Founder Rob) personal development website

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