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Dr. Steven J. Lynne

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Dr. Steven J. Lynne is co-senior pastor of Global Connections Church & Ministries Canada. He is also an accomplished author, conference speaker, mentor to young entrepreneurs, real estate developer, investor, and life coach. He has a Doctorate Degree from Peter Wagner Leadership Institute, a Masters Degree in leadership and a Bachelor Degree in Education. He has an amazing ability to take complex issues relating to personal Christian life development (wealth, business, leadership, etc.) and communicate them in a relaxed, vibrant and relevant manner. His passion is to educate and mentor promising young Christian entrepreneurs for life and business success. He is President of JCS Publishing Inc. a contemporary Christian publishing house, dedicated to resourcing young business minded people with the tools to obtain unusual progress and success. Dr. Steven J. Lynne writes seven highly informative entrepreneurial book reviews, for Christian business leaders each month, of best-selling business/leadership books, and remains on the cutting edge of entrepreneurial thinking. His personal entrepreneurial mentoring group, "God Made Millionaires" has developed into a network of highly successful Christian business leaders who have poured literally hundreds of thousands of dollars into local and global church projects. Dr. Steven loves to show pastors and Christian leader's how they can raise up millionaires in their ministries and deploy their talents for accelerating God's Kingdom advancement.

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