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Jason Miskowic

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With nearly 20 years of real estate experience Jason has received numerous awards including the prestigious Remax Hall of Fame award. With over 100 homes sold within the past year Jason has set himself apart as far as marketing of their listings is concerned.

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There are home owners who prefer selling their property as short sale rather than having their home foreclosed. Though for some sellers had successfully sold their home, there are also some short

Real Estate> Selling l 2 years ago

Buying a home involves a lot of steps, each one is very important for the whole process to go smoothly. One such step is inspecting the home. Before you buy a property, you have to make sure that you

Home Improvement> Home Inspections l 2 years ago

Because not all of us can afford to pay in cash for that new house, many of us would have to resort to borrowing money to buy a house. It is one important step in buying a home. Choosing the lender

Finance > Home Equity Loans l 2 years ago

"When is the best time to buy a house?" This is a common question that we often hear from first-time home buyers. Many analysts would tell you that buying in a cold real estate market is a time to

Real Estate> Buying l 2 years ago

Prior to repairing and staging your home for sale or making a schedule for an open house, it would be a smart decision to create a home selling plan beforehand. Just like in buying a home, selling

Real Estate> Selling l 2 years ago

Buying and selling a home can be one of the most emotional decisions that a person could make. Reminiscing of the day when you bought your house could give a homeowner a nostalgic feeling. Some

Real Estate> Selling l 2 years ago

Marketing your home might not instantly sell your home but it will help you spread the word out about your property. As you promote your house, buyers will also be aware that it is available for sale.

Real Estate> Selling l 2 years ago

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