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Cassidy Frost

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Cassidy Frost is a writer for The Tinkling Wind Chime. The Tinkling Wind Chime offers a wide variety of stylish garden decor, from practical to whimsical. Offering a wide selection of wind chimes, garden flags, birdhouses, birdbaths and much much more! Start transforming your backyard into your own personal Eden!

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Chickadees are one of the easiest birds to attract to your garden and to tame. Learn how to hand feed these little birds along with ways to entice them to your garden.

Reference & Education> Nature l 2 years ago

Robins, these common little birds are so typical it is easy to pay them no attention at all. But they do bare taking a second glance.

Reference & Education> Wildlife l 2 years ago

Create a hummingbird haven in your very own backyard! Hummers are delight to watch and are not too hard to attract.

Reference & Education> Wildlife l 2 years ago

The amazing trek hummingbirds make before they even reach your backyard. Many traveling non-stop 500 miles over the Gulf Of Mexico. Then on to different parts of U.S. and Canada.

Reference & Education> Wildlife l 2 years ago

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