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Nora Femenia

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Nora Femenia is a conflict coach, the author of several books that will support you in your search for personal growth and joyful, nurturing relationships... so you can finally feel happy and secure. Do you want to develop self-confidence and trust in yourself fast? CoachNora reveals the secrets of developing a secure attitude in life, through her phone/email coaching sessions. You can also receive a FREE booklet: "How Healthy is Your Marriage? helping you to evaluate how much support you need from your marriage to realize your life purpose. If it is not enough, learn how to improve it!

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Have you decided you want to divorce your passive aggressive husband? You need a game plan that is prepared for all his tactics - guilt tripping, tantrums, threats and all.

Relationships> Divorce l 2 years ago

Making the decision to leave a passive aggressive marriage in search of a happier, more fulfilling life is always painful and confusing. Here is your help to process this crucial decision.

Relationships> Divorce l 2 years ago

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