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Curt Matsen

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Curt Matsen, CPA is an entrepreneur who started and grew a successful business using various receivables factoring strategies. His website helps entrepreneurs accelerate cash flows and secure the capital they needed to grow their businesses.

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Because of the unique client billing structure in the healthcare industry, medical accounts receivable factoring is a special case of accounts receivable factoring. It is rare for patients to pay

Finance > Unsecured Loans l 2 years ago

In order to comply with laws, the regulatory entities publish forms that can be completed by complying individuals and entities. Such is the FBAR form TD F 90-22.1, which is what you should use for

Finance > Taxes Income l 2 years ago

In this article I will focus on the FBAR penalties and fines that can be levied for non compliance and how to avoid them. If there is one thing you want to avoid in your financial life it is to avoid

Finance > Taxes Relief l 2 years ago

The beauty of offshore online banking is that in addition to enabling you to conduct banking activities allowed by traditional and local brick and mortar businesses, it allows you more variety and

Finance > Taxes Income l 2 years ago

Getting FBAR amnesty is a tricky process, and I hope to shed some light on this topic in this article. If you are wondering whether you can get FBAR amnesty, let me tell you that it is possible. Many

Finance > Loans l 2 years ago

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