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College admissions and financial aid expert Jeanmarie Keller, provides answers and wisdom on how to get your student into colleges that he or she loves while saving a fortune on the college bill.

Her expertise in college financial aid and admissions has helped hundreds of families achieve the college dream without it becoming financial nightmare. You can eliminate the frustration, decrease the amount of time you spend getting it all done and feel confident you've left no stone unturned getting NOTICED, getting IN and getting MONEY to help pay the college bill!

Jean offers FREE audio classes, FREE reports, workshops, coaching and other resources to help college-bound students and their families get the college dream without it becoming a financial nightmare!

All of her programs and products follow her Smart Plan For College System - a step-by-step program designed to help students and their families successfully get through the college admission and financial aid process with their sanity and wallet intact.

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Too many families and students fail at the college game. It's true. They fail by giving up before they start. Overwhelmed by out-of-control college costs and the general feeling of just not knowing

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