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Ethan A Walker

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Ethan has been studying and practicing natural healing methods and healthy living since 1968. He has been a vegetarian from that time until 2007 when he became a low fat vegan. He has also spent the last 40 plus years studying spirituality and doing daily spiritual practices. He has written 3 books, The Mystic Christ, Finding God's Love and Soft Moon Shining. He is a serious guitar player and has recorded a CD, Tears of Joy. His core belief is love. Wisdom is knowing we are all one. Love is what it feels like and compassion is what it acts like.

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Flouride in drinking water poses a great health risk. What they are adding to our water is a highly toxic waste product from a manufacturing process. The EPA classifies it as hazardous waste. Instead

Health & Fitness> Home Health Care l 2 years ago

Springtime is a time of allergies for most people. In addition to normal blooming plant allergens, there are other sources of irritation which we may not be aware of.

Health & Fitness> Allergies l 2 years ago

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