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Craig Leonard

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I have a passion for instructing and inspiring others to improve their physical appearance and develop a body they can be proud of. As someone who used to be 60 pounds overweight, I understand the struggles of the average person when it comes to continually losing unwanted body fat and building muscle to improve their physique.

I have also written a comprehensive E-Book that gives a simple, systematic approach to getting ripped by simultaneously building muscle and shedding fat. My book details the exact plan I used to go from a fat 240lbs to a lean, muscular and ripped 178lbs in a matter of months. You can check it out at

Above all else, my desire is for others to experience the life-changing benefits of being fit and completely confident with their physical appearance.

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The bench press is probably the most popular exercise among beginner weight lifters and bodybuilders. The lift seems fairly simple. I mean, you just bring the bar to your chest and push it back up,

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Muscle hypertrophy is a fancy sounding word for growth. The anabolic building of additional muscle mass is the goal of every beginner to weight lifting and experienced bodybuilder alike. By

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