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David Samuel

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"I am not a teacher, professional speaker, philosopher, or any of the titles that people look to associate with. I am simply a person who has discovered how to live a balanced life with a full and positive experience of most moments. What I do is talk, so one may say I am a good talker. I speak only about things I have personally experienced which come from my whole being rather than my head of intellectually accumulated information. My background covers business, having owned 8 companies by age 28 and then spending years in spiritual traditions including Zen in Japan and Sufi in Turkey. Those were parts of many years of international travel. My success in both areas is credited to a balance without dogma or fixated ideas. I believe the basis is being present but that requires a lot of effort in overcoming the reasons we cannot be present. My work is for the Western mentality yet based on Eastern Philosophy. I have no doubt after teaching for 20 years that eliminating or at least significantly reducing conflict, anger and stress is the key to opening the mind to stillness and presence. These are the foundation of both business and spiritual success, as well as harmonious loving relationships.

I have been in business and lived as a simple person wandering the world. It is only through completing the circle can one fully understand the true value of anything.

There is a big difference between a teacher and the creator of a system of thought. The teacher reads books, takes courses and then teachers what they have learnt, intellectually and from the head. The creator does not need notes and preparation, they speak from the heart, from their whole being, with emotion and power that comes from personal experience. Their energy is inspiring and uplifting because it is not theory, it is life itself."

I am constantly writing and publishing articles on my web site. I also give talks at my own school and travel by invitation.

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Having boundaries is tantamount to not truly being open. You put walls around you and others, and this contradicts being spiritual. This article offers balance.

Self Improvement> Anger Management l 2 years ago

If every thing originates from a seed, and thoughts and emotions are things, then thoughts too, come from seeds. Here is how to stop 'seeding' your mind.

Self Improvement> Anger Management l 2 years ago

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