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Tom Willard

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Member since: Apr 20, 2012

Tom has been daytrading the stock market actively since 2004, and as an investor and swing trader since 1995.

Tom has been professionally moderating a live interactive chatroom for over 3 years and has been teaching traders and coaching them for over 3 years as well. He is passionate about trading, psychology, philosophy, and fulfillment in all dimensions of life.

He is a firm believer in that learning how to trade and invest profitably and consistently can be a simple and fun experience. His goal is to share as much as possible so that the journey and the path to investing master by others is as easy and painless as possible!

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Having self-discipline is having the ability to follow through on your plans and goals. Often times we get tugged in various directions and enticed by making choices that don't help us along our path

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