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Roberto D Celdran

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I consider myself a sponge. Why? Because I like to absorb new ideas almost everyday and apply it in my everyday activities such as socializing with friends and discovering new acquaintances, mastering a skill or two and many more. I brand myself as an adventurer in everything that I do.

I love nature and plants. I especially adore gardening. I started my very own garden when I was still around the age of 10- after I saw "The Secret Garden" flick. I just got enthralled by the ethereal beauty of the hidden garden in the movie. Then I started to plant. Of course, along the way I had to overcome a learning curve (like sunlight requirement of a certain plant) and so on...but I enjoyed the journey and still continue to have fun with it.

I get excited with the thought of traveling to places I have never been to before and winning back a new batch of friends. Sampling sumptuous cuisines is another weakness of mine as well as spending quality time with loved ones.

If I am going to carry on with writing about me, you probably would read 3 days worth of biography. Get to know me and email me whatever you want to know. I will gladly reply.

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