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I decided to find out for myself if indeed there were do-it-yourself methods that can be safely used at home to remove the unwanted tattoo."

"After approximately eight months of research, I was able to find eight surgical methods and eight non-surgical methods being used today to safely remove the unwanted tattoos. It took me another six months to write the book, 'Tattoo Removal Methods and Procedures.'"

"In my book, you'll not only find all 16 methods being used today, but also a complete description of each method and a step by step guide to safely perform that particular non-surgical method of removal."

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Excision tattoo removal is preferred over some other removal methods simply because it works and usually results in less scaring. It's also less painful than other procedures and is an outpatient

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TCA stands for Trichloroacetic acid and has almost become a household word synonymous with Tattoo Removal. You may also have come across chemical peels referred to as TCA peels, especially when

Arts & Entertainment> Tattoos l 2 years ago

Get Your Pond Ready for Winter Now! The days are getting shorter along with colder nights. Winter is on its way. As fall sets in, pond life slows down in preparation for the cold weeks ahead.

Recreation & Sports> Fish Ponds l 2 years ago

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