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Jeannie B Spiro

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Jeannie is a Business and Life Coach for women entrepreneurs. She helps women who are struggling to grow their business refine their passion and niche, learn the necessary steps to marketing and overcome the doubt and fears of being self-employed. She teaches women to confidently network, present and engage with people so that they can attract their best clients and make more money.

As a young person Jeannie was painfully shy, image conscious and lacked confidence in herself. As she climbed the corporate ladder she gained confidence in her speaking, networking and relationship building skills. She became an expert presenter and eventually overcame her self-doubt and self-image concerns. As confident as she was in her abilities and skills she still had doubt as to what she was meant to be doing for a profession.

She returned to school and acquired multiple certifications, started a practice and began to coach. Although she was attracting clients she felt something was missing. It wasn't until Jeannie finally realized that she needed to connect her passion, skills and interests did things start to fall into place and once she did she was able to easily and confidently market herself and her business.

Once everything started to fall into place things began to happen. Now she works with women to discover their particular niche and helps them confidently grow their businesses.

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Many of the people I work with are relatively new to starting a business and are unsure about jumping on the video bandwagon. They wonder if it is just another "trend." So I wanted to share my

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