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Betty Trobaugh

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Hi, I am Betty Trobaugh I'm a retired Administrative Assistant spending nearly 40 years writing business letters on behalf of someone else. My job also included processing manuals and reports, making other people's work look good. Now -- I'm writing for myself and sharing my love of cooking and baking.

I really enjoy cooking, especially baking. I began learning to cook when I was around 12 years old and in junior high school. My Mother started a part-time job and just as I was coming home from school in the afternoon, she would go to work.

She would leave a note on what I could fix for dinner so we could eat just as soon as she came home in the evening. If the meal included something that I had not made before, she would write out the directions. My Dad loved anything I would cook and the whole family kept encouraging me. So, that was the beginning of my love of cooking.

From that time on, I usually made all of the evening meals during the week. Also, Saturdays were the housecleaning days in our home. When I finished helping Mother and my sister with the cleaning, I went into the kitchen to bake something special for Sunday dinner.

I don't make as many rich desserts these days but I still enjoy baking and cooking for my family and friends. I want to continue sharing my love of cooking and baking. I also want to learn all I can from others who have a like passion and I certainly would enjoy hearing from you.

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