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There is a scene in the film 'The Chicken Run' where Ginger, our hero, returns from solitary confinement after her umpteenth escape failure. Another chicken tentatively suggests that, since the chances of them breaking out of the chicken farm are evidently 'a million to one against', perhaps Ginger should consider giving up on her dream.

A demoralised Ginger pauses to reflect for a moment and then quietly but resolutely, replies: 'Then there's still a chance!' What a girl! At times, my experience of trying to bring more realism to modern day sex information has felt a little like the prospect of escaping from a concentration camp: so impossible that it has seemed futile even to try.

I would like my daughters to have the experience of orgasm but I do not want them to be duped by all the claims of easy orgasm during sex with a partner. My daughters' generation should have more facts about how women can get the most out of sex. Sex remains a highly personal and embarrassing topic for most people. I hope that my efforts will save other couples some of the difficulties we have had in making sense of our sexual relationship.

If you are in a long-term relationship and still having sex at all after ten to twenty years then you are probably unusual. If you have moved beyond missionary style intercourse and can discuss fantasy and more general pleasuring as a couple then you are almost certainly exceptional. For those who are willing to invest in the quality of their relationship, couples now have the relative luxury of being able to aspire to both partners' life goals of enjoying family life and an active sex life.

Please take a look at my websites: and aims to inform and reassure women of all ages: both the site content and pictures are completely clean. is interested in promoting approaches to family life that allow us to raise children while remaining sane.

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