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Milt O Bedingfield

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Milt Bedingfield is a certified diabetes educator and exercise physiologist. Milt has been a diabetes educator at a large hospital in Tampa, Florida for the last 18 years. Milt's main focus when he teaches patients with diabetes is exercise. Milt beleives that exercise is not emphasized by healthcare workers with the enthusiasm that it deserves. Milt is the author of a new book entitled: Prescription For Type 2 Diabetes: Exercise. The book can be ordered at a discount by emailing Milt at:

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If getting exercise and maintaining a healthy body weight are so important, particularly for patients with prediabetes or diabetes, have you ever wondered why your physician may not have really

Health & Fitness> Diabetes l 2 years ago

It was a Tuesday, late morning, a pretty day. I was going to try to see one more patient before going to lunch. Shortly after taking a seat and getting started I glanced casually to my left and got

Health & Fitness> Diabetes l 2 years ago

Isolation therapy may just be the next treatment your doctor prescribes to treat your type 2 diabetes. What are you doing this summer?

Health & Fitness> Diabetes l 2 years ago

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