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Karen Murdock

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Karen Murdock has been training animals for over 30 years using a combination of shaping techniques, a specialized clicker system and positive reinforcement. Karen's love of nature goes back to childhood and she has spent countless hours studying and training a variety of animals. Her unique approach uses games and play as a way to connect and bond with animals to build confidence, increase focus and improve performance. She has also used these techniques with her spaniel, Wendel, to train him for pet therapy (including tricks for smiles!). Her specialty though is horses, and her star pupil Lukas shines as a beacon of hope for a brighter future for all creatures. Karen is dedicated to bringing education and awareness to others - her services and proceeds are donated to benefit non-profits. She has been heard on Pet Life Radio, RFD Radio Pet Talk Live Radio and The Confidence Club and contributes to many newsletters, blogs and forums. Her much-awaited book "Playing With Lukas" is available on in a print version. She is available for consultations, interviews and appearances. In addition to being a Registered Nurse, she is also a licensed Psychiatric Technician and is a member of The American Society of Animal Science, The American Association of Zoo Keepers, The Animal Behavior Management Alliance and The Animal Behavior Society.

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I'd give up a week's worth of carrots to have a pair of hands right now. Just to scratch that spot on my back that's been driving me crazy for the last 4 hours. The seasons mean more to us horses

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