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Brenda F Abdilla

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Member since: Apr 20, 2012

Brenda Abdilla is the President of Management Momentum, a Denver firm specializing in business coaching for companies. Brenda speaks the language of success while helping her clients get the most with the resources they already have.

She helps teams recover quickly from losses or setbacks and provides focus on actions and results that are aligned with the direction of the company.

Clients hire Brenda because she helps managers retain their best producers and she is a sales specialist.

Brenda and her team also help clients in need of recruitment for key sales positions and upper management roles. They guarantee their results.

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When I was a young sales manager it was not really that hard to be good -even great. The recipe for "good" back then was fairly simple: work long hours, teach some type of sales strategy (by example)

Business > Management l 2 years ago

Some call it coma sleep, others call it the black hole, insatiable sleep, the total zonk, shattered (England), and finally rode hard and put away wet (courtesy of my relatives in Oklahoma). All of

Home & Family> Pregnancy l 2 years ago

Do you get nervous or anxious when facing a group presentation or public speaking? Read these quick tips for success!

Writing & Speaking> Public Speaking l 2 years ago

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