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John Debar

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Member since: Apr 20, 2012

John Debar is a student of humanity, spirituality, and science. His approach in observing the world is based on 16 years as a student of Zen Buddhism. He is author of the book "We are Gods" and aspires to make films in the very near future.

In brief:

Official Education: Communications and Digital Media -

Memberships: Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society -

Hobbies: Beer brewing, and, and, ummm ... -

Spirituality: Zen Buddhism, teachings of Jesus -

Diet and Exercise: Vegetarian (99% of the time), an attentive observer of Naturopathy, runner, -

Favorite book subjects: Quantum physics, Zen, religious history, politics -

Favorite places where John has lived: Denali Alaska, Jackson Wyoming, Groveland California, Bristol Vermont -

Profession: Photography, digital media communications -

Dream Profession: Writer, book author, documentary filmmaker -

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Five years ago, during a deep meditation, I had a series of realizations that led me on a five-year hiatus from a brief period of piety in Zen. One of the things that I had realized during the

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