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Rob Rayburn Jr

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I am a proud father of three children, two of whom are grown with the youngest a pre-teen. In addition, I have three beautiful grandchildren, two boys and our Layla Bug. Recently married to a wonderful woman and mother, my life has indeed been blessed in many regards.

I am a proud US Navy veteran and a graduate of Ohio University with an Associate Degree in Applied Business and a Bachelor Degreee in Technical and Applied Studies with an emphasis on political science, ethics, research, and business communications and acumen.

Of course, you know my Christian name. I will occasionally write and publish under a pseudonym, although generally this will not be the case. Why the pseudonym, one may ask? As most of us know, it is not uncommon for authors to periodically publish under an assumed name, particularly when they are knowledgeable in multiple disciplines or areas of interest. The majority of my work is concentrated on two basic passions of mine: personal fitness training, and philosophy/political thought. Some of the most brilliant thinkers in world history espoused positions on things as diverse as medicine and human nature.

It is my intent to inspire my readers to take proactive interest in one's long-term health through fitness training, and to encourage those among us who are genuinely concerned about the path we are on as a people, as we struggle to move forward and reclaim the prominence and prosperity once associated with the United States of America.

There is undoubtedly a growing movement in this country to "fundamentally transform" who we are as a country and society. For those who understand the profound power of language, that notion is more than moderately troublesome.

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