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We at are dedicated to fostering a government responsive to the people -- a government which acts based upon sound science and sound economics. While we consider ourselves to be progressives, we do not necessarily conform to each and every position consistent with the larger progressive movement, nor do we hold any political party affiliation. We will however applaud members of the two major political parties when they act ethically and responsibly on the peoples' behalf.

Over the past few decades the government has become more and more beholden to moneyed interests whose henchman now wield far too much power over policy-making at each level of government. Neither the Republican or Democratic Party speaks for the vast majority of the citizens. In fact, both parties covertly attempt to convince their members of the soundness of the policies championed by their financial backers. Now more than ever we need a political movement, perhaps even a third party to at the very least force the policy agenda in the correct direction. In furtherance of this goal we will strive to provide our readers with fact and opinion that we believe will prove both informative and entertaining.

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A little known housing program ironically named The Hardest Hit Fund was initially established in 2010 in order to assist homeowners in areas hardest hit by the decline in home values and struggling

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Yesterday President Obama stood at the White House with Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Chairman Gary Gensler, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Attorney General Eric Holder, Federal

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