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Tara N Force

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Member since: Apr 20, 2012

I'm a writer and mother of 4.

I'm passionate about educating others on how the media and advertising influences parenting and how we can be set free to discover our own unique parenting style.

I don't fit any hippy or alternative stereotype. I'm a pretty normal mother that simply makes some choices that go against mainstream popular culture because I believe those to be right for my family. I try not to care what other people think.

I want to be apart of empowering parents in a media-driven industry-generated popular culture. I write about natural parenting, protecting & preserving childhood, green, frugal & ethical living and value-based parenting.

I want all mothers to feel empowered to raise their children in line with their values and to feel confident in who they are regardless of parenting style or lifestyle.

I would much rather go against the flow doing something I believe to be right rather than get swept along the mainstream and wonder how I got there!

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Motherhood is challenging in today's society. We are under more pressure than ever to get it right. But where does the pressure come from? Is it from popular culture or is it simply that we have

Home & Family> Motherhood l 2 years ago

I admit to enjoying (?) the odd episode of "Toddlers and Tiara's." It was fascinating and despite the fact it made me uncomfortable and occasionally disturbed, I couldn't look away!

Home & Family> Parenting l 2 years ago

Why would you choose to homeschool? What was once a choice full of judgement and stereotypes is now something I find strangely appealing. Read about some reasons why homeschooling may work for you

Home & Family> Parenting l 2 years ago

Does commercialism influence our children? We have to battle against commercialism if we truly believe that WE should be the one's raising our children and NOT the corporations who drive popular

Home & Family> Parenting l 2 years ago

What is wrong with my child? What do we do when our children are just, different? I detail the challenges of raising a spirited child and how I found peace with my son's uniqueness. I discovered that

Home & Family> Parenting l 2 years ago

The yummy mummy idea has become idolised. It's made new mothers even more paranoid and self-conscious about the way they look. It also takes the focus off what is actually important - being a good

Home & Family> Motherhood l 2 years ago

Over the years, I've discovered so many of the perceptions and beliefs we have about motherhood and parenting are influenced by the media and advertising. We are often fooled by the message that we

Home & Family> Babies Toddler l 2 years ago

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