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Lisa Friedman

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Lisa Friedman is a Healthy Living Expert and the founder of Vibrant Living, a company dedicated to helping women reinvent themselves by finding their balance and living a life of happiness, health and purpose. She is known for her energy and passion to inspire others in connecting with their core values and start living their best life now through proper nourishment of the body, the mind and the spirit.

Lisa has lived her life immersed and fascinated by the power we have over our our own destiny. Following a professional career practicing traditional medicine for 22 years, Lisa turned her focus towards wholistic care teaching others how to live in vibrant well-being now, and avoid dis-ease of the future. She has studied holistic nutrition and naturopathy coupled with the politics of agriculture, animal rights, and environmentalism. She recognizes that everything is connected to everything incorporating this into her teachings for optimal results of positive change. She is also a certified Professional Intuitive Life Coach, Stephens Minister, and a certified Passion Test Facilitator, personally trained by Janet Attwood, co-author of the NY Times bestseller, The Passion Test â?¢

"My core belief is that no one needs to suffer or struggle in their life from chronic disease, mental blocks and spiritual deprivation. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthy, vibrant life and can when they take an inside-out approach to their well-being."

Staying on the cutting edge, Lisa continues to participate in masterminds, personal growth seminars and other learning tools helping her to stay fresh and excited, ready to share with others. She is an avid reader and career student; enjoys sports and nature; is active in community outreach and loves traveling. She lives with her family in beautiful southern California.

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