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Derek James Wilson

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Born in Bonnie Scotland many years ago, and arrived in New Zealand in 1972.

Prior to coming to New Zealand, I had a blues band based originally in Glasgow, and later on we moved to London during the 'crazy' 60's. That period of my life was one in which my love for music and art developed well, The cultural revolution, which was in full swing at that time in London, has greatly influenced my personal development and belief systems over the years.

I have been well blessed in my life in many ways, and enjoy a great love of Art, Music, Poetry and Philosophy. To support my art, my business career has developed in middle and senior management roles promoting the 'Sales and Marketing' of a number of 'Health and Wellbeing' products.

I am totally committed to Personal development, and in being a positive and motivating influence for my family, friends and other acquaintances. In recent years I have been putting significant energy into my artistic pursuits, and in developing an Internet Marketing business.The latter is almost driving me crazy, however, I believe that I will succeed online, and look forward to developing a number of income streams which will create a lifestyle free of financial concerns.

I have one very supportive wife, one son, three granchildren, a dog, a cat .... a few guitars, and many paint brushes and canvases in various stages of completion.

Like many amateur writers, I would very much love to create a meaningful and enjoyable book which would leave my footprint and legacy for my family, friends, and others. I am very sure that fellow writers contributing to Ezine Articles all have very similar thoughts in relation to sharing their thoughts and leaving a legacy.

I look forward to gaining some valuable understanding of the article writing process, and how that will be of great help in networking, and sharing valuable insights on a wide range of interesting subjects. I look forward to my involvement with Ezine Articles and that my contribution may be of some worth to fellow 'Ezine' authors.

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