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Connie Hendseth

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Once upon a time there was a fairy architect, working her arse off at a medium size architectural company in Norway. While struggling to maintain her other life obligations (a family of seven and a big home) she decided to make some major life changes, trying to bring something new and inspiring into her life. The idea was to find ways to combine her interests in architecture, home improvement, writing, and photography with her obligations as a mother, wife, and housekeeper.

Once the decision was made it was as if a snowball had begun rolling...

Firstly, she quit her job, invested in her own architectural company (CH architectconsult) and launched the Norwegian website Allsidig Arkitekt (meaning Versatile Architect), had a few clients, and invested in ArchiCAD (computer aided design for architects) in faith of more clients to come.

Secondly, after several hectic years with small children and a heavy workload, things were finally starting to calm down for the fairy architect and her family. It dawned on her that at last they had a perfect opportunity to carry out the long forgotten dream about going abroad for a period of time.

Thirdly, half way through her stay in Italy she fulfilled another dream, the launching of the Versatile Architect, and it felt as if she were finally gathering the threads that had spun out of the initial life-changing experience.

Versatile Architect provided an outlet for all the things that live in the brain of an architect (at least this specific one). Beautiful pictures and interesting projects, combined with the love of words and a dash of humor.

And if she hasn´t vanished or gone astray, she is still living the sweet life in Italy, looking after her precious clients and many children, cooking, reading, writing, practicing yoga and photography, and enjoying her historical apartment in the heart of Pisa.

About the fairy architect

She is 44 years old, married, with 4 children and one adult bonus child. She is beginning to realize that her greatest assets in life (in addition to her wonderfully supportive family and friends) are her diversity and enthusiasm, as well as her substantial experience in the field of architecture. Combine these assets with her love of learning something new, and her ability to empathize with people´s needs, and it makes for a pretty decent architect and writer. So, here her journey continues...

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