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Mark Bowser

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Mark is the President and CEO of Empowering Enterprises, Inc. We are a training and development company helping Professionals and Organizations reach peak performance.


Mark Bowser is one of the best speakers and trainers on the circuit today. With his positive attitude and contagious personality, he makes the road to success smooth and exciting through seminars such as The Sales Champion Within, Succeeding with Empowered Customer Service, and The Keys to Empowered Leadership.

Many of the world's top organizations have leaned on Mark's expertise to help them be more successful. Organizations such as Southwest Airlines, FedEx Logistics, and the United States Air Force. Mark is also the successful author of two books, Power Nuggets and Unlocking the Champion Within.

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"How long has your knee been giving you discomfort?" asked the doctor to the frustrated high school basketball player sitting in front of him. "Since about halfway through the season," said the

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"Play your game," said Coach Galen Scott. The pointed advice was given to a very weary, frustrated college tennis player. If you haven't guessed, that frustrated athlete was me. I was losing matches,

Business > Sales Training l 2 years ago

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