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Louie Bernstein

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I have been delivering record-breaking sales results for 22+ years. My sales training course, How to be a Professional Salesperson will teach you everything you need to earn more commissions than you ever have.

The Sales Getters Sales Training System contains 262 business days of sales training lessons. This is the most comprehensive sales training system available. Learn how to: Cold call, Prospect, Handle objections and Closing strategies. Lessons work for products and services. Very motivational.

Neve be afraid to cold call again. Learn how to prospect - the right way. You'll have the exact written words for any objection. Drastically reduce the time close sales. Know how to get a stalled sale moving. Keep your pipeline full so you always have consistent years. Learn how to win more sales against the competition. Learn when and how to close for the most money. Don't ever "Cold Close" again. Never worry about having another sales job. This robust course works for both products and services.

Lessons matched to your training needs. No wasting time or money. Immediate follow up and reinforcement by sales management. Easy to implement each lesson based around your product or service. Training sessions can be led by sales managers, saving thousands. Proven tips, techniques and strategies to deliver immediate results. Step-by-step salesperson prospecting and cold calling stratagies. Easily match sales ROI to the sales training lessons. Sales training 33 minutes every day delivers consistant reinforcement. Training delivered in bite-sized pieces so there is no student overload. Field reps can keep up independently. Sales Management that emphasizes coaching versus managing. Also included - 52 lessons specifically for the Sales Manager.

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Most of the time during the sales process you, as the sales person need to remain silent and listen. At no time is your silence more important than when your prospect says something incorrect in

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An often overlooked trait of successful sales people is curiosity. If you are not curious by nature, don't worry; it can be learned. Here's how:

Business > Sales Training l 2 years ago

For your sales prospects to buy, they have to know you believe. The sales people on TV make you believe. You can do it too.

Business > Sales Training l 2 years ago

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