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Charles B Fitzgerald

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Charles Fitzgerald is a finance professional and CEO of The Kewl Shop - To bring warmth and satisfaction to the world.

The Kewl Shop is really just that. A place to find stuff that you always knew you wanted, but didn't know exactly what it was or exactly where to get it. Want a great music collection, come to the Kewl Shop, need your bookshelf to look just right, we can help you, must have movies, just the right pair of jeans or sunglasses, shoes, accessories or the gadgets that count. Give us a try, our gear has stood the test of time and will not let you down.

Our objective is to please you by finding all those things that we know you want, real things, things that make a difference, things that will make you proud and feel warm, things that you will want to buy. This is the essence of The Kewl Shop, it is bringing the right stuff and the right people together.

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I've seen many articles refer to but not define leverage very well, and it is of utmost importance if you are trading the financial markets. Here we go, but first realize that leverage feeds greed,

Investing> Day Trading l 2 years ago

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