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James L Mason

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James L. Mason, J.D. received both his undergraduate and law degree from the University of Florida, and has been active in financial services & investments since the 1970s.

During his career he has personally counseled hundreds of people about financial matters in capacities including securities and insurance broker, financial planner, bank trust officer, and trainer.

He also has served on numerous boards and advisory committees. During all of this time he has remained an active trader in equities, futures & currencies. In 1979 he started as an active trader and lived in New York where he traded Comex Gold Futures full time with Investors Metals Services.

In the early 1980s he expanded his focus to currencies and index futures primarily concentrating on index futures starting with the Kansas City Value Line and later the S&P.

In January of 1987 he and a partner founded Portfolio Management, Inc., a registered Commodity Trading Advisor & managed customer funds. The firm was short the market in October of 1987.

During the last thirty years Mr. Mason has purchased over 0,000 worth of software, trading systems, and training programs, and has spent considerable sums developing his own proprietary trading approaches.

For the last two years he has concentrated primarily on the cash forex market. At present he is a full time currency trader.

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