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Roger J Webb

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Way back, when Noah was a lad, in the early 1960s I went to sea as a Cadet in the British Merchant Service. As time wore on I qualified as a navigator and took ships round the world using 200 year old technology, the sextant, the chronometer, and the compass.

By the end of the 60s I realized that this was not for life, at least for me so I signed up as a mature student in the University of Wales and read for a BSc and then an MSc

Thereafter I went into civil engineering - always with a toe in the water - and the into offshore services.

I got myself a reputation as a turn round merchant, turning losses into profit and reviving dying companies. i worked, at various times in the Arabian Gulf, West Africa, Continental Europe and of course the United Kingdom.

My turn arounds - all of them successful - usually involved introducing new technology to hidebound traditional industries such as stevedoring.

I retired in 2007 when my previously basket case company became the target of unwanted investors.

I am married to Rosemary and have 3 grown up children and to date 3 grandchildren

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