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Margaret is a native Californian, having been raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and lived most of her life in various places in the California West. Her great-grandfather, a Bostonian with the calling of "Pilot", came to San Francisco in 1850 on a ship that he and his friends bought, fixed up and sailed around the horn to San Francisco. He was later found panning gold in the American River, very close to Margaret's present home. His future was to spend his gold rush begotten money on land in Nicasio near the Northern CA. coast.

She loves having this in her bio as it gives her a solid feeling of belonging to California and the West, and to family, and while there were many people who came west and performed some wonderful feats of endurance and faith, these Gold Rush people were one-minded and tenacious and productive in their way.

And she is proud to say "that's where I came from". And so she had no trouble bringing six wonderful male children into the world in order to give them that heritage as well. They have loved the stories that were told around the campfire on many warm and sultry nights, about an ancestor who may have left his ship in the San Francisco Bay and plodded east to Auburn. They are all grateful to him for finding a lovely wife, an Irish girl living in Petaluma at the time, who went on to have five children, one of whom is my grandparent.

Margaret is an RN, retired, and since life has been good to her, she is well and able and in the past has owned/managed an Ebay Store. People don't know what a challenge it is to get enough good feedbacks to earn the privilege of opening a store on eBay, especially if you're learning computer techniques at the same time. It's like being in that pioneer world, putting one foot in front of another and, finally succeeding, going on to something new. The "something new" is her new website which is devoted to exercise for health products.

But, for her, getting started in the writing world is a greater challenge and carries with it great excitement. She loves the turn of a word, painting a picture with words, using the English language as the structure for a special imparting of thoughts, ideas, comparisons, colors.

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