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Mike E Davis

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Mike Davis has a brought change to the community by offering free opportunities to learn and embrace healthy lifestyles. Grocery tours, recipe sharing, one on one support, fitness in the park and group activities are just a few of the things he does to "Change U" forever. As a child of parents who dealt with cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes he vowed he would not follow the same path and is living proof that a change in daily habits can improve health and future. As a fitness coach his main goal is getting people moving, which in the end will change their sedentary lives forever.

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Having trouble sleeping is no laughing matter and will impact life in every way. What you do about that could change your waking hours tremendously.

Health & Fitness> Sleep Snoring l 2 years ago

Our children are growing and not in the right direction. If we don't get a handle on this problem the cost of healthcare will grow out of the stratosphere. Eating food that is alive and good for the

Health & Fitness> Childhood Obesity Control l 2 years ago

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