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Lynda J Knight

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I was born in the summer of 1961. As a child, I felt a true connection to the land and a reverence for Nature. The creeks and fields that surrounded my neighborhood called to my spirit and I felt connected to such places. I believed in Woodsy Owl, and Smokey the Bear. I gave a hoot and didn't pollute and was always careful with fire. I wanted to be a scientist, a nurse and a teacher. Lofty dreams for a lower middle class kid, ironically, I didn't know I was lower middle class.

By 1983 I had two children. One of them was diagnosed with ADHD 'inherited' from me. Thus began my adventure into pharmaceuticals, for both he and I. After experiencing the futility of these chemicals and the seemingly irreversible side effects, I began my education into natural and holistic treatments.

To my amazement, nothing ever changed as far as my brain. At some point I realized that 'I' had spent most of my life conforming to a society that I simply did not want to be part of anyway. Slavery had been replaced with minimum wage. The lifestyle wasn't much different. Moms were working by choice and kids were dumped off into daycare.

All creatures have 'instincts' that allow them to survive, they do not go to school to learn it, it is already there. They endure whatever nature throws at them, they live to eat and reproduce. They form groups, packs, herds, hives and they work together for survival. What happened to humans? In America, we are a nation with a growing population of depressed, anxious, unsatisfied humans who have lost their connection.

So, I let go of what society kept insisting I be, and began to once again listen to my inner voice, the one I knew as a child, my SPIRIT. I went back to NATURE.

After years of trying to fix my brain, I have realized that I do not have a chemical imbalance, I have a non conformist nature, which this society has decided is a 'medical/mental condition'. I simply refuse to bow to what society dictates, I am a rebel. It is the same spirit that created the original 'America'.

I invite you to read my body of work, it is my hope that more an more individuals will begin to say NO to the brainwashing that is destroying America.

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