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Dr Lisa Turner

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Member since: Apr 20, 2012

Dr. Lisa Turner, Founder of Psycademy specialises in human transformation and spiritual development, teaching coaches, healers, therapists and even GPs to access their own innate intuition to increase their success, effectiveness with clients and personal happiness.

Lisa is a recovering engineer and academic and still brings science into her work to ensure it is grounded, practical, and is imbued with divine logic.

Psycademy is the only company globally to offer a benchmarked training for Psychic and Spiritual practitioners.

Now living in Hampshire in the UK, Lisa is married and is the mother of a bright little girl.

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When you set a goal, one thing is certain. You will encounter obstacles. It's basic Newtonian Mechanics (remember that from school?). Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. What most

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Picture this. It's a special occasion, and you want your husband to remember it, to treat you in a special way, buy you a small gift or take you out, or maybe to speak those special words to you in

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